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The Create Cures Foundation Clinic, based in Santa Monica, California, is a specialty medical clinic offering a team of Physicians, Scientists, and Registered Dietitians working together to Treat Major Disease with Integrative Therapies.  The group functions in an integrative manner to combine traditional medicine with innovative, well-grounded, integrative interventions with a focus on nutrition for the prevention and treatment of major chronic illnesses including:


Our clinic offers in person individual consultations (also Telehealth throughout the United States) with our highly skilled team of medical professionals to provide patients Optimal Individualized Nutritional Protocols based on cutting-edge alternative treatments using methods which combine systems of biology-based approaches that focus on identifying and addressing the root cause(s) of their specific disease(s).

Create Cures FoundationWe also offer nutritional and dietary consultations with individuals seeking us out directly, as they request individualized protocols in order to maintain Optimum Health and Longevity.  Our clinic offers access to the programs of world-renowned researchers, physicians, molecular biologists, and dietitians to help you achieve your goals for optimal health and longevity.

Please join us at Create Cures, where patients can always expect a friendly, professional, and knowledgeable medical staff who are able to ascertain their medical needs and provide the best solutions regarding their illnesses.


Why Specialized Nutrition?

Are you frustrated by the endless, and at times, contradictory advice and information on TV and in health magazines claiming they know the best diet for you?

Have you been diagnosed with a condition that requires prescription medications, yet you would like to first try proven and effective natural alternatives, not just treat your condition for a short period of time, but help you live longer and healthier?  Perhaps you have tried to introduce some medications but have experienced terrible side effects from them or are not improving.

You may not be suffering from serious health conditions currently, but just want to be proactive about reducing your chance of heart disease, diabetes, dementia, cancer, and other major diseases in the future.

Founder, Professor Valter Longo
Professor Valter Longo


Create Cures Foundation Clinic’s therapies are based on the discoveries of world-renowned clinicians and scientists, including our founder Professor Valter Longo, selected in 2018 TIME magazine among the 50 most influential persons in Healthcare.

Physicians, molecular biologists, and dietitians, work together to share years of research and clinical experience to help our patients achieve specific goals for optimal health and longevity.

Healthspan Medicine

We believe in Healthspan Medicine; so how and when you eat or fast, exercise, sleep, and manage stress is critical in halting and reversing chronic disease.

By looking at your genetic risks, specific health concerns, nutrition and lifestyle choices, and combining them with cutting edge nutritional testing and diagnostics, we can personalize a clear path to optimal health which will integrate well with your existing health care team.

New Therapies

We focus on new therapies resulting from basic and clinical studies focused on how nutrition and fasting can trigger the body’s ability to activate self-repair and regeneration.

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