Oscar Medina

Ambassador (volunteer)

He is an internationally renowned singer/songwriter and producer with 10 albums to his credit. He is also an influencer who currently has over 1.5 million followers and over I.5 billion views of his songs in YouTube alone. His songs have become a staple in the Latin American community.

A true humanitarian and survivor of multiple bouts with cancer, depression, and other serious illnesses. He has had the stamina and courage to fight and overcome many serious health challenges, including an intramedullary spinal cord tumor, Sepsis, a partial nephrectomy of the left kidney, an appendectomy, a radical prostatectomy, and a cryoablation of the left kidney.

He is a humble leader and role model with a good old-fashioned fighting spirit, who has touched millions with his gifted voice and inspirational lyrics. Mr. Medina exemplifies a life of purpose, leadership and service.

Peter Kapitein

Ambassador (volunteer)

As a Patient Advocate of Inspire2Live Peter connects patients, researchers and clinicians to further research, treatments and care; in the Netherlands as well as international. He organizes congresses, lobbies the matrix of public authorities, health care organizations, insurance companies and health research institutes. Peter also gives lectures and talks to help patients and society to fight cancer where possible. He writes blogs, articles and books that contribute to these topics. Peter has studied the Medical Industrial Complex, the complex in which the stakeholders in healthcare work together in a way that does not necessarily benefit the patient. Health care is (without bad intention) distracted from its essence: the patient.

Peter is married to Marjolijn and has 2 sons: Milo and Jaron. He is one of the founders of Alpe d’HuZes, the foundation that is most famous for the annual cycling event on Mount Alpe d’Huez and that raised over 150 million euro for the fight against cancer. He works at the Central Bank of the Netherlands as a program manager and advisor for complex and politically difficult problems. His employer facilitates him in his job as a patient advocate. His job enables Peter to be genuinely independent and to work tirelessly for the interests of all patients globally. Peter was honoured with a doctorate in October 2012 at the Free University in Amsterdam for connecting patients, researchers and clinicians all over the world.


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