Create Cures Foundation Clinic

Create Cures Foundation opened its premier specialty clinic in Santa Monica, CA, in April 2020.

Create Cures uses research-based projects on longevity, aging, and disease associate with aging to transform those results into clinical studies and therapies, which can be adopted by your patients who have exhausted previous or want to improve viable treatment options.

Through the collaborative efforts with us, your patients will get cutting-edge alternative treatments using methods which combine systems of biology-based approaches that focus on identifying and addressing the root cause(s) of their specific disease(s). We take into account the patient’s individual genes, environment, and lifestyle. Only treatments that address the right causes will have lasting benefits beyond just the suppression of symptoms.

Join us at Create Cures, where patients can always expect friendly, professional, and knowledgeable medical staff that are able to ascertain their medical needs and provide the best solutions regarding their illnesses.

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Create Cures Foundation Clinic

1260 15th Street – Ste 1109
Santa Monica, CA 90404
Tel. 424-785-9099


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